A long history, told briefly.

Regina is by tradition and passion, with technology, a producer of famous and highly renowned motorcycle chains.
2005 Regina introduces the new chain of the Z-ring series, that guarantees even more advanced performances than previous chains.
2003 Regina introduces the Enduro series, a new range of maintenance free roller chains, with sintered bushings.
2002 Regina introduces ZR series chains with patented Z-Rings, to contain the lubricant in the pin and bushing area for extremely long time periods.
1997 Shaped bushings, an innovation which reduces the initial chain elongation, are successfully tested in racetrack competition and then introduced to all production chains in the Professional series.
1993 Production of X-Ring chains, with elastic lubricant seal with “X” shaped section .
1992 Production of 135 EBXL. Lightness along with extremely high resistance to elongation and repeated shocks make it the preferred chain of all manufacturers of Trials motorcycles.

Production range includes Professional Series RX3 Motocross chains, with chromized pins of extremely high hardness and outstanding resistance to wear and repeated shocks.


Great technological innovation! Production begins of O-Ring chains.

1949 Regina’s first motorcycle Grand Prix World Championship was won by Bruno Ruffo on a Moto Guzzi 250. It is the first in what will be many.
1939 In Cernusco Lombardone, near Merate, production begins of motorcycle
and light industrial chains.
1919 Regina is founded in Merate, near Milan, for the production of bicycle chains
and freewheels.
In the race to win every time
Production range